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Trombone Lessons

If you are looking for trombone lessons in Alhambra, CA, or surrounding areas, you have come to the right place! We recommend that students usually start trombone at age nine (9), or older as they need to have developed a greater lung capacity. Our brass teachers are highly-credentialed musicians who can help students enhance their skills for their school band programs, or develop advanced skills to become soloists. Lessons are offered in 30-minute, 45-minute and 1-hour lengths.

At the Alhambra School of Music, all of our trombone teachers are not only chosen for their musical credentials, but for their ability to relate to and encourage all ages and levels of students. Whether you are just starting out, or are looking for instruction to enhance your Senior Recital piece, we would be honored to be a part of your musical journey.

Our trombone classes are offered at our state of the art facility, conveniently located on East Main Street, just two short blocks East of Garfield Avenue (between Chapel and Garfield Avenue). All of our highly-qualified trombone teachers have at least a Bachelor’s Degree in music, although most have Masters Degrees and DMA’s, and have decades of experience teaching children and adults.

The lessons are conducted in our individual sound-treated music teaching rooms. Parents of younger students are welcome to sit in on the lessons, observe the classes through the observation windows in every door, or wait in our large and comfortable waiting area with magazines and high-speed WiFi.

Additionally, our Alhambra-based music school offers regular performance opportunities and recitals (held in June & December) and optional preparation for MTAC Certificate of Merit and ABRSM Exams.

Levels of Trombone Lessons

Although private trombone lessons are custom tailored to each student’s learning style, interest, and needs, specific fundamental concepts are covered at each “level.” By default, all trombone lessons include music theory instruction, as theory and trombone (and music in general), go hand-in-hand.


The fundamental concepts for beginners include note names, time signatures, beginning scales, beginning duet pieces, beginning sight reading, and beginner-friendly ear training, theory, breathing exercises, posture, embouchure placement, and lung capacity development.


The fundamental concepts for intermediate students include key signatures, intermediate sight reading, chords, arpeggios, intermediate-level pieces and duets, as well as more in-depth ear training, intermediate-level breath control and vibrato exercises, and intermediate musical theory concepts.


The fundamental concepts for advanced students are advanced level sight reading and ear training, improvisation, transposing, music composition, harmony, advanced level pieces, custom-styled repertoire, band preparation, as well as audition preparation.

Fun Facts About Trombone Lessons

1. Did you know that children who learn to play the trombone often perform better academically? Studies show that trombone lessons can enhance cognitive abilities, boost memory, and improve overall academic achievement. At Alhambra School of Music, we believe in harmonizing music and education for a brighter future.

2. Ever wondered how musicians effortlessly read sheet music? Learning the trombone not only introduces you to the world of melody, but also enhances your visual and spatial skills. At Alhambra School of Music, we're not just teaching notes - we are teaching you music.

3. Trombone lessons at our school aren't just about playing the right notes; they're a therapeutic escape. Playing the trombone has been linked to reduced stress levels in many well-regarded studies. Our expert instructors not only nurture musical talent, but also provide an engaging space for emotional expression and the love for music.

4. Joining our trombone classes isn't just a solo act. Students often form lasting friendships through shared musical experiences. It's not just about learning notes; it's about creating connections and relationships that will allow music to be a part of your life.

5. Imagine the thrill of performing your favorite piece flawlessly. Trombone lessons at Alhambra aren't just about musical mastery; they're about cultivating confidence and self-esteem. Our students not only learn to play the trombone but also to stand tall and shine in any spotlight, musical or otherwise.

Trombone Lessons Tuition

The tuition listed below are for private trombone lessons taking place at the Alhambra School of Music facility or online via our Meet@ASOM virtual lesson platform once-a-week.

30 Minutes


30-minute lessons are recommended for younger students or adults looking to pursue music casually.
45 Minutes


45-minute lessons are ideal for older children and teenagers, as well as adults looking to make faster progress.
60 Minutes


60-minute lessons are ideal for students of all ages looking to pursue music seriously and make progress at a stronger pace.

Our Student Photo Gallery

Step into our Student Gallery, where we celebrate the musical journeys of our students. Our students are at the heart of the Alhambra School of Music, and we are immensely proud of their progress.

Why Choose Our Academy

With our team of world-class instructors, we offer trombone lessons for students of all ages and levels. We’ve been a community staple for over 30 years, and pride ourselves on creating a welcoming environment for all students.

Our teachers are at the heart of our music school. As mentioned previously, we receive hundreds of music teacher applications every year, and each trombone teacher is meticulously selected for their professionalism and engaging and fun personality. Their music education, performance, and teaching experience speaks for themselves as well. All of our highly-qualified trombone teachers have university degrees in music (many with Masters Degrees and DMA’s), and have experience teaching children and adults.

Our lessons are conducted in professionally sound-treated teaching rooms, equipped with the highest-quality violins, guitars, acoustic drum kits (yes, we teach on real kits and not their electronic counterparts), as well as high-end Yamaha commercial-grade upright pianos. Parents are welcome to sit in on the lessons, observe the classes through the observation windows in every door, or wait in our large and comfortable waiting room.

Since 1993, we have been an integral part of the Alhambra community and its surrounding areas, including San Marino, San Gabriel, Monterey Park, East Los Angeles, Pasadena, South Pasadena, and others. Over the years, we have had a chance to craft an outstanding learning environment for music and the arts by imparting knowledge to thousands of students within our local community!

Our students get the chance to spotlight their musical achievements through our exciting lineup of semi-annual performances across all programs, offering thrilling showcases to our entire community. While these opportunities are entirely optional, we highly encourage our students to participate. Additionally, we take pride in organizing music-themed fundraisers and collaborating with external organizations, such as the Walmart Foundation, Children’s Hospital Miracle Network, and others, to make your musical journey even more extraordinary and fun.

As a distinguished member of the Music Teachers’ Association of California, a professional organization committed to the pursuit of excellence in music education, and a designated Steinway & Sons Teaching and Educational Partner — an esteemed recognition for private music schools — we establish valuable connections with local nonprofits, public and private schools, and charter schools in our mission to spread the love for music and the arts. Our esteemed alumni include accomplished professionals in the music industry, actors, and performers in the music industry. Additionally, we have garnered endorsements from both the California State Assembly and California State Senate, recognizing our longstanding contributions to the community. Furthermore, we have been recognized as a Best Music School by Expertise Magazine for over a decade in a row!

Student Performance Gallery

Take a look inside our student community!

Staff and Teacher Spotlight

Every month, the Academy of Music features some of our wonderful administrators and teachers. These are the folks that make us awesome!

Dr. Regina
Dr. Regina

Academy Director

Doctorate of Musical Arts

Ms. Hope
Ms. Hope

Flute Faculty

Bachelor’s Degree in Music

Mr. Adam
Mr. Adam

Trombone Faculty

Bachelor’s Degree in Music

Ms. Hope
Ms. Hope

Strings Faculty

Bachelor’s Degree in Music

Teachers with the Best Credentials

Our teaching team is comprised of professionals with decades of experience and credentials from the best conservatories around the world.

Frequently Asked Questions About Trombone Lessons

See below for the most frequently asked questions about trombone lessons.Call us today at (626) 495-1515 or visit the Alhambra School of Music and Arts to start trombone lessons. We also offer a variety of other lesson programs. Click here to go back to the list of instruments.

At the Alhambra School of Music, our trombone instructors are highly-qualified professionals with advanced degrees in music and extensive teaching experience. Each instructor is selected through a rigorous process to ensure they meet our standards for excellence. Research shows that qualified teachers significantly impact a student’s musical development, and our entire teaching and administrative team is dedicated to providing top-notch instruction.

Our trombone lessons are customized to suit each student’s unique learning style and goals. Through personalized lesson plans, we address specific musical interests and adapt teaching methods accordingly. Research indicates that personalized learning enhances student engagement and skill development, and our instructors are adept at tailoring lessons for optimal results. 

This approach also helps ensure that students stay engaged throughout their musical journey and do not lose interest, as getting bored with lessons is one of the top reasons students (especially younger students) lose motivation to practice!

We take pride in offering numerous performance opportunities, including recitals and events throughout the year. Our students showcase their progress regularly to friends and family, contributing to a well-rounded musical experience.

We leverage cutting-edge technology to enhance the learning experience. Our instructors incorporate interactive tools and multimedia resources to make lessons engaging and effective. Research has shown that technology integration in music lessons can foster creativity and deepen understanding. Our tools include our cutting edge student portal for homework and practice materials, our Meet@ASOM virtual lesson platform in cases when you need to switch your lesson to a virtual session, as well as our LessonRewind platform, offering lesson recaps and recordings from lessons! 

All in all, we are committed to providing you with ample resources to supplement your learning. The resources are there – and you can choose to use all of them, or only those that work for you – the choice is yours!

Absolutely! Our success stories and testimonials from satisfied parents and students underscore our commitment to excellence. Feel free to explore the testimonials on our website to gain insights into the transformative experiences our trombone students have had at the Alhambra School of Music. Unlike other music schools, we also regularly post the performances of our students. We invite you to check out our Gallery of Student Performances and see what our music school is about for yourself!

We believe in instilling a love for music from an early age. Our trombone lessons are open for children as young as nine (9) years old. Research suggests that starting musical education at a young age can positively impact cognitive development.

At the Alhambra School of Music, we prioritize the use of high-quality instruments to enhance the learning experience. Our well-maintained fleet of rental trombones provide students with the best ideal instrument for learning the trombone. Our trombone instructors can also offer suggestions for quality instruments if you choose to purchase your own.

Yes, we do provide trombone lessons in the comfort of the student’s home! This convenient option offers a personalized and familiar environment for learning, promoting a positive and focused practice space. In-Home lessons have slightly different tuition rates – please visit the Registration Page for details on pricing!

Our Partners

The Alhambra School of Music and Arts is partnered and contracted with a variety of local organizations in Alhambra, Pasadena, San Marino, San Gabriel, Monterey Park, and surrounding areas. This includes local public schools, private schools, charter schools, nonprofit organizations, and other community arts organizations.

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Our Alhambra Music School has been serving students since 1990. Visit our award-winning campus in Alhambra for a tour!