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“I started beginning drum lessons 3 years ago at age 57 with ASOM to add to my many years of playing guitar. My teacher Chris has incredible patience and knows exactly how much and how fast to advance my drum skills. And coolest of all, he’ll transcribe the drum grooves for my many favorite songs for me to play along with. My teacher and the entire ASOM family are the absolute best!!!”

Jeu Foon

"My daughter and I have attended the preschool music class at Alhambra School of Music for the last year. Being a musician myself, I can see how this class has helped her develop her ear, rhythm skills, and sense of pitch; as well as a deeper love and appreciation for music. She is constantly singing around the house and asking me when she will get to see her teacher again. She loves her classes and so do I."

Carol Lawrence, South Pasadena

"My instructor, with his knowledge, talent and patience, has made my learning experience fun and informative."

Tony Aguilar

"I thought I was doing pretty well trying to teach myself how to play guitar by downloading tabs off of the internet. When I finally realized how time consuming this was, and that a lot of the tabs were wrong, I decided to give ASOM a try. Now I can honestly say I have learned more in six months than I did in six years of trying to do it myself. My teacher is a true professional and I highly recommend ASOM to everyone."

Robert Gonzalez

"This is a great place for lessons. The teachers all have their music degrees and the desk staff will bend over backwards to accommodate you. I have taken guitar and drums here and have nothing but good things to say about them. I have never had a problem rescheduling a lesson and their prices are good. They have two free recitals a year which are optional. They even have a separate recital for adult students that want to get performance experience but do not feel comfortable being in a recital with kids on the same program. At first I did not think I wanted to participate in the recitals but now i look forward to them and I find they help me to stay motivated. My girlfriend takes piano there and is also very pleased with the school. She likes that she can get there a little early and practice on the digital piano they have in the waiting room with headphones on. That way she feels warmed up by the time she goes into her lesson. There is no long term contract so give them a try. I am sure you will be happy you did!"

Scott W.

"I am impressed with this music school. I have been a student for over one year and have nothing but good things to say about them. They are always very professional and friendly. I have never had a problem rescheduling and getting a make up lesson. My teacher is awesome and has helped me progress much better than my previous teacher at another music school. I have referred other friends of mine there and they have all had positive experiences. All I can say is go and check them out, I am sure you will be impressed as well."

Thomas S.

"Since February my daughter has taken music lessons at the Alhambra School of Music. I've sat in on every lesson and I am extremely impressed. My daughter's teacher is wonderful, instructing at an age appropriate level. The school has a warm and friendly atmosphere that appeals to me. I must say that this school has exceeded all of my expectations."

Jakie Chow

"My son, now 14, has been taking electric guitar lessons with his teacher (who is now teaching at ASOM) for about 3 years. He has gone from knowing absolutely nothing about the instrument to being pretty proficient. His teacher has done a great job of teaching Nate the things he WANTS to know (like heavy metal riffs) along with the things he NEEDS to know (like pentatonic scales), and helps Nate to understand and appreciate how technique and creativity combine to make good music."

Vicki Marx

"I am extremely impressed with the quality of instruction that my daughter receives weekly at ASOM. She truly looks forward to her lesson every week and her playing has really come a long way. I only wish we would have found this school sooner." Thanks ASOM!!!

Alexandra Garcia

"Besides regular school, my two kids have a total of eight activities going on. I could never find the right times for music lessons at any other music studio I called. Then I heard about the Alhambra School of Music from a friend. I called them and they worked with me and my hectic schedule. Now my son and daughter are taking lessons at one place and one time. My time is precious and this took a lot of stress away from me. "

Cathy Lee

"As a mother of 4 daughters, our experience here at the Alhambra School of Music has been incredible! Also a school teacher, with a knowledge of music theory and a practical understanding of how children learn, I can say, without hesitation that the combined experience and credentials of the Director and his gifted staff is exactly what I want for my children. They have created a welcoming environment where students can discover their inner-musician, develop a love for music, improve their cognition (teacher-talk for exercising the brain) and most importantly be treated with respect and courtesy. We had a medical emergency and they were so compassionate and helpful in scheduling a make-up lesson, something that I know most businesses would not offer. Furthermore, I love the way they celebrate their students with various activites throughout the year, such as Student Appreciation events, recitals, and other fun events. It feels like we are all part of an extended family."

Alison Garcia

"Best music school in the area! I checked out a few schools before starting my guitar lessons and Alhambra School of Music is by far the most professional. Really friendly staff and awesome teachers. I went to a different school before I found this place and wow - what a difference! The teaching rooms are pretty spacious compared to most I've seen and the waiting area is huge. I look forward to my lesson every week and recommend this school to anyone interested in music!"

Daniel H.

"Alhambra school of music is a great place to take lessons. I love the fact that there are a lot of different options for classes and also the style of music students want to learn. For example, one of my children is interested in classical music and musical theatre - and so the vocal lessons there have been a great fit for her interests. On the other hand, my son is interested in rock and contemporary music only. He doesn't want to learn classical music, and to have a teacher push him into classical would likely cause him to lose interest in the instrument. His guitar teacher does a great job of teaching him what he wants to learn but also works in the fundamentals. Both of my kids really enjoy their lessons there and the teachers are top notch!"

K. B.

"Guitar lessons ROCK! and The Alhambra School of Music is where I learn lots and laugh lots."

Tiffanie Ma

"Guitar with my teacher at the Alhambra School of Music is awesome. He knows lots and is a great teacher. There is nothing you can ask that he won't know!"

Kevin Ma

"This studio is where my son and myself have been taking music lessons for the last three years. My son takes guitar and I take piano. I had always dreamed of playing the piano but never had the opportunity. At first I was a little shy about being an adult with absolutely no musical background but the staff and my teacher assured me that I can be successful. Three years later I am playing Bach and you cannot believe how excited I am to go to my weekly lesson. I have also found being able to play music is the best stress reliever in the world. My son is playing all the classic rock and 80's rock I grew up with and I think it is the coolest thing in the world. This school does lots of little things that most schools do not and I think it makes a big difference. For instance, they have a piano in the waiting room so piano students can warm up before their lesson. They also carry all the books and accessories the students need and you can earn discounts just by practicing (ask them about their ASOM bonus bucks). The school is also much larger than it appears when you look in the window on main st. Once you pass through the lobby, and beyond the office, it goes on and on. I was really surprised to see how many teaching rooms there are and they even have a recording studio. It is a really fun community to be a part of and I know you will agree if you give them a try."

Alice W.

"Great school and teachers! After many years of taking lessons, this place is more than fair and has some of the best teachers. Their payment policy is very fair. I'd rather my child take lessons from a school from someone who has a degree and passed a background check rather than a stranger who comes to your house or you go to theirs. Again, great facility, big teaching rooms, a waiting room with TV and lots of shopping locations nearby. Parking in front and back and you can enter through the back as well. They have walls of photos with students performing and all with smiling faces. Highly recommended."

Fernando H.

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