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New: We are happy to announce we are now an Ohana Ukelele and a Aquila Uke String Dealer!


We carry several brands of new & used musical instruments. To name a few:

Electric Guitar: Fender Starcaster, Austin, Python, Arbor, Fernandes, Aslin Dane, Oscar Shmidt, Aria Pro II, Washburn, Slammer.
Acoustic Guitar: Sigma, Jasmine, Spencer, Ashville, Playmate, Applause, Dean, Oscar Shmidt, Washburn, Bestler, Takamine, Bristol, Blue Ridge, Harmonia, Aria, Kavok, Sunlite.

Classical Guitar: Yamaha, Harmonia, Aria, Oscar Shmidt Washburn, Hondo, J Navarro, Lone Star, Timbre, Lauren, LA.

Bass Guitar: Fender Starcaster, Aslin Dane, Aria Pro II, Fernandes, J.B. Player, Shredder, Edge.

Band Instruments: Selmer, Antigua, Palm Wind, Orlando, Armstrong, Gemeinhardt, EMI, Winston, Bach, Bundy, Vito, Yamaha.

Stringed Instruments: Becker, Cremona, Skylark, West Coast Strings, Woodnote, Yamaha, Suzuki, Ohana Ukuleles, Deering Banjos.

We also carry accessories such as: Music books, sheet music, instrument cleaning kits, reeds, mouthpieces, oils, polish, cork grease, shoulder rests, chin rests, mutes, drumsticks, drum pads, metronomes, tuners, music stands, guitar strings, guitar picks, guitar straps, effects pedals, slides, cables, and much, much more!

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