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Announcing the New Alhambra School of Music Group Guitar Course!

This basic core guitar class is designed to be taken in one (1A) ten week module and five (1B, 2A, 2B, 3A, & 3B) eight week modules in a fun and relaxed group setting. The “B” sections are mainly repertoire classes that employ, and expand on, the skills learned in the “A” sections. Ideally the modules will be taken consecutively allowing you to become a proficient well rounded guitar player in under one year. If however your schedule does not allow you to attend all the modules consecutively, “no worries”, you can take a break between modules and start up again at the beginning of the next 8 week section. For super motivated players or for guitarists that “used to play” and just need to refresh their skills, it is possible to take the course in 32 weeks – ask us how.

Below is a brief description of each module:

Guitar 1A – This is for the total beginner. All you need is the desire to learn and the commitment to practice. Topics covered will be the basics: chords, tuning, basic note reading, intro to tab, simple strum patterns, two easy scale patterns, flat picking, and some simple single string playing. You will be introduced to the basic musical elements of rhythm, melody, and harmony.

Prerequisite: no experience necessary!

Guitar 1B – This class will allow you to apply, and improve on, the skills learned in the 1A class. You will be learning lots of great songs, more strum patterns, two more simple scales patterns, 12 bar blues, and a few new “licks”. Singing and playing at the same time will also be addressed in this class for those who are interested.

Prerequisite: guitar 1A or ability to play basic open chords and permission from studio director.

Guitar 2A - Learn new chords and ways of playing and connecting them with bass runs, arpeggios, and using a capo. Discover different rhythms and pick out some melodies. Gain an understanding of additional time signatures, scales, and note reading. Before taking Guitar 2, you should play basic open chords in the keys of A, D, E and G, smoothly without losing the beat.

Prerequisite/co requisite: guitar 1B or ability to play basic open chords and permission from studio director.

Guitar 2B - This repertoire class will allow you to apply, and improve on, the skills learned in the 2A class. You will be learning lots of great songs, more strum patterns, more scales, chromatic note locating on E and A strings, and a few new “licks” as well as an intro to fingerboard theory. This class will help you build your “song bag”.

Prerequisite: Guitar 2A

Guitar 3A - Move on to the next plateau with bar chords and movable shapes. Learn to play in any key. Build dexterity with basic finger picking, “Travis” style picking and more advanced flat-picking. Develop techniques for memorization and adding dynamics to song arrangements. Also become skilled at chord coloration and “decorating”. Find your own sound and expand comfort with your instrument.

Prerequisite/co requisite: guitar 2B

Guitar 3B - Enhance your knowledge of the guitar neck while examining tunes from a variety of styles - popular and traditional. Learn to improvise and find your own unique style. Learn the entire fret board and more advanced extended and altered chords. Read on all 6 strings. Students are welcome to repeat this class as often as they choose as the repertoire changes from session to session.

Prerequisite: Guitar 3A

Get started making music NOW! Learn to play in a fun and casual atmosphere. Songs come from the folk traditions, roots rock and today's music. Our method provides a strong musical foundation no matter what style of music you ultimately want to play. It doesn't matter if you have an electric or acoustic guitar - it's all music! Get your hands around a guitar and start making some music.
Special Info
Electric guitars are ok, but no amps until the teacher approves!

$145 per 8 week module or
$125 per 8 week module when you pay for all six modules (1A – 3B) in one advance payment of $750
(This is a savings of $120)

Rental Rates
The following rates are for ASOM students only. For non-student rates, call 626-282-1400. All rental guitars include carrying bag.

8-Week Rates
Guitar, Acoustic Nylon String - $39
             Acoustic Steel String - $54
Electric - $59
Amp - $39


I've signed up for a class and don't have my own instrument. Now what?

Well, you have a couple choices: rent or buy. We have made it our mission to find entry level instruments of good quality that are reliable and represent an excellent value. We have instruments from the $90 to $150 range that you can purchase without “breaking the bank”. If you wish to rent, we have instruments for as low as $39 for the entire 8 week session.

Okay, how do I rent an instrument?

You'll need a few things to complete the rental transaction. First, you'll need a valid ID (Driver's License, State ID or Passport). Your ID should have your current address. Second, you'll need a security deposit to cover the cost of the instrument. Normally, we'll hold a credit card number as deposit - we will not charge your card unless your account becomes delinquent. And, finally, you'll need the rental fee (see Rate Table, above). We accept cash, Visa/MC, American Express and Discover.

When can I pick up my instrument?

You should pick up your instrument up to three days before your first class. We do not charge you anything additional for the extra three days. Please, do not wait until the night of your first class because it takes time for paperwork & processing.

When is my rental due?

Your rental instrument is due for return or renewal on the last meeting of your eight week session. There is a late fee for all overdue accounts. If your rental is not returned by 30 days after the due date and you fail to contact us, you will be charged for the full retail cost of the instrument.

Do you automatically charge my credit card for a re-rent?

No, we do not automatically re-rent your instrument for you. You must stop in or call to make payment on your account. The exception once again is if your rental is not returned by 30 days after the due date and you fail to contact us, you will be charged for the full retail cost of the instrument.

Someone told me I can apply my rental fees toward the purchase of a new instrument. How does that work?

If your rental account is in good standing when you return your instrument, a portion of your rental fees can be applied toward purchase of a like instrument of equal or greater value. (i.e., if you're renting an acoustic guitar, you can apply it to an electric guitar and amp).

I really like the instrument I'm renting. Can I buy it?

Yes, of course you may. You'll be able to apply 50% of the rental credit you've accumulated.

How do I tune this crazy thing?

Tuning your instrument will be among the first skills you'll learn in class. It does take a bit of time to get the hang of it. The best solution is to buy an electronic chromatic digital tuner. We sell the most popular varieties at ASOM at discount prices. What if I break a string? Once the instrument is issued to you, you are responsible for all maintenance and repairs (including new strings).

What if I break something bigger?

Again, you are responsible for your instrument for the duration of your rental contract. I come to class straight from work.

Can I store my instrument at the school?

Unfortunately, we do not have the space to store any rented instruments at the school. Besides, you'll want to have your instrument at home to practice. Avoid leaving your instrument in the car or trunk on a hot day, it can cause permanent damage.

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